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Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Learning foreign language is an integral part of the educational curriculum. Some educators debate that it would be more effective to teach students earlier in the elementary schools rather than the secondary ones. I strongly believe that the advantages associated with this suggestion outweight its disadvantages.

The current stupendous development in technology turn the world into the global village. The communication is faced the wide range of great upheavals. People from all around the world share their knowledge and build international business. Language play a key role in such practices and every one should be acquianted with that for their future prospect. It has been claimed that people are mentally more prepared for learning foreign language during their early childhood when their natural ability can lead them to learn other languages in most efficient way. Furthermore learning foreign language need sufficient time and energy. During primary school, students are ease with some basic lessons and their timetable are not involved with heavy and professional objects such as physics and chemistry, so they have much more free time to assimilate other languages. In this way students may not suffer from the language barrier in secondary schools, while conflicting with other educational syllabus. Linguistic lessons should be taught in primary schools when it is a suitable time for children to become ready for their further education and great international achievement.

On the other hand, the literature and language of each country and culture are the valuable heritage which have the critical priority than other languages. It is logical that elementary students dominate their own language first and postpone foreign languages to the secondary school because learning two different languages simultaneously would conflict pupils and negatively affect their concentration. moreover educational chart of entry-level students should be provided by some general information. Second language and its related complexity can be regarded as an advance subject that should be taught to students who have more prerequisite knowledge. Otherwise, it may discourage their tendency to study this lesson even in the future. However, I think such subjects could be regarded as an extracurricular which contain some entertainment or activities to not only amuse children but also help them to improve their language knowledge beside other important objects.

In conclusion, I do believe that it would be extremely helpful for children to start language learning before the secondary school, because it would prepare them for their future success in a more suitable time.

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