IELTS Master Class :

IELTS Master Class contains all the comprehensive content of IELTS Master, plus personalized assessment and feedback from qualified IELTS instructors.
The course is broken up into four modules – reading, writing, listening and speaking, each taking 20-25 hours.

Reading Module :

  • Reading study strategies
  • Reading Workbook
  • Steps 1 through 8Eight detailed lessons that review each question type (Overview, Specific Information, Summary Completion and Viewpoint) and how to answer them.
  • Language Focus: Synonyms, Nouns, Punctuation etc
  • Reading Practice Test

Writing Module :

  • Writing Study Strategies
  • Writing Task 1Six detailed lessons that cover time management, understanding the assessment criteria, planning and writing your response.
  • Writing Task 2Ten detailed lessons that cover essay writing, the different essay types, essay structure, planning and time management.
  • Writing Task 1 Practice Test
  • Writing Task 2 Practice Test
  • The Academic Writing Assessment Task A qualified English Language Tutor will assess and give you feedback on your writing. (Exclusive to IELTS Master).

Listening Module :

  • Listening study strategies
  • Listening Workbook
  • Steps 1 through 9Nine detailed lessons that cover listening strategies, recognising synonyms, predicting answers and a breakdown of what you can expect from the four sections of the Listening Test.
  • Listening Practice Test

Speaking Module :

  • Speaking study strategies
  • Steps 1 through 6Six detailed lessons that cover the three sections of the speaking test, fluency, coherence, vocabulary, grammar and strategies to use in the Speaking Test
  • Speaking Practice Test
  • The Speaking Assessment Task A qualified English Language Tutor will assess and give you feedback on your speaking. (Exclusive to IELTS Master).

Countdown to IELTS :

Conclude the course with Countdown to IELTS, advice, tips and tricks on what to do in the days leading up and on the day of the test.