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نحوه شناسایی مترادف‌ها و پارافریزها در سوالات تطبیقی لیسنینگ

قسمت چهارم آموزش رایگان لیسنینگ آیلتس

در قسمت های قبل آموزش لیسنینگ یاد گرفتید چطور به سوالات چند گزینه ای و کوتاه پاسخ دهید. در قسمت چهارم قصد داریم نحوه شناسایی مترادف‌ها و پارافریزها در سوالات تطبیقی لیسنینگ و پاسخ‌گویی به سوالات طبقه بندی شده را آموزش دهیم. اگر در حال حاضر در فضای شلوغی هستید میتوانید این صفحه را ذخیره و در زمان مناسب یادگیری را آغاز کنید. برای شروع از یک هدفون مناسب (استاندارد) و یک قلم، کاغذ استفاده کنید و سپس فایل زیر را دانلود کرده و به ترتیب پخش کنید.

این فایل زیپ شامل صوت تمامی دروس لیسنینگ موجود در سایت است.
دانلود فایل صوتی تمام دروس لیسنینگ

در ادامه تست ها مطرح گردیده است و شما میتوانید قبل از پخش فایل صوتی آنها را مرور کنید. دقت داشته باشید فایل زیپ تمام دروس را شامل می شود و فایل های صوتی هر درس پشت سر هم قرار گرفته اند. تست های این درس مربوط به نحوه شناسایی مترادف‌ها و پارافریزها در سوالات تطبیقی لیسنینگ است. جهت بررسی درست یا غلط بودن پاسخ هایتان به انتهای صفحه مراجعه کنید.


۱__ Label the different ways of preparing food with verbs from the box.

۲__ Match the words with the type of food they are. Put them in the correct column.

Meat dishes Vegetables fruits Sweets


۳__ Listen to two friends talking about a party they are planning.
Match Mike’s suggestions with Jane’s answers.

Suggestions Answers
۱ What do you think about preparing a Mexican meal? A I think we should have something healthier.
۲ We could have a pizza. Everybody likes pizza. B That sound like a good idea. Let’s do that.
۳ I know! We could have salad and roast chicken. C I think it might be too spicy for some people.

What are they going to prepare?

In matching test in the listening test, you may hear information about several of the options, but only one of the answers is correct.

۴__ Listen to two friends talking about preparing a meal.
How are they going to prepare the potatoes?
A boil       B bake      C fry
Why are the other answers incorrect?

In matching task in IELTS test:
You do not need to use all of the letters. You should put one letter next to each numbered question.
The questions follow the same order as the information on the recording which you need for the answers.

۵__ Listen to two friends discussing food shopping.
Match the names of the shops (1-3) with the different types of food, A-D.

Which option didn’t match any of shops?

TIP 5: [Listen carefully to what is said about all the options to make sure you choose the correct one]

۶__ You will hear a radio programme in which two people are discussing the different restaurant in a town.
Look at the names of restaurants (1-3) and the list of types of restaurant.
Match each restaurant with the correct type, A-G.


۷__ Choose the option, A, B or C which does NOT mean the same as the first sentence.
۱ the price of food in the restaurant is cheap.
A The price of a meal in the restaurant is reasonable.
B The restaurant is excellent if you want a budget meal.
C The food in the restaurant is overpriced.

۲ Marko cooked us a really tasty meal.
A The meal Marko prepared was delicious.
B Marko cooked us a really unappetising meal.
C The meal Marko made for us was mouth-watering.

۳ We were served food that was cooked in the old-fashioned way.
A The meal we had was very contemporary in style.
B The meal we had was very traditional.
C The meal was made from a historic recipe.

۴ When I went to Thailand, I really enjoyed trying the street foods.
A I really liked tasting the food that was sold outdoors in Thailand.
B In Thailand I loved the food we bought from stalls in the streets.
C I enjoyed eating at restaurants when I was in Thailand.

۵ The chef at the lodge hotel is very skilful.
A The chef at the lodge hotel is bad at his job.
B The chef at the lodge hotel has a lot of expertise.
C The chef at the lodge hotel is highly trained.

۶ The ingredients for the recipe can be changed to ones you have available.
A You can use different ingredients to make this dish if you can’t find everything.
B You can be flexible about what ingredients you add to this recipe.
C You should follow the recipe strictly or it won’t taste good.

۷ The chef at the new restaurant is famous across the country.
A The chef at the new restaurant is well known nationally.
B The chef at the new restaurant is recognised across the country.
C The chef at the new restaurant is known outside of this town.

۸ I didn’t like the soup; it was too spicy.
A The soup had too much paper.
B The soup wasn’t tasty.
C The soup was a bit too hot for my taste.

۸__ Underline the words which helped you find the answers to exercise 7.


Sometimes in the test you will be asked to match several pieces of information with three different options. Like with other matching exercises, you must listen for ideas, since the same word will often not be used on the recording as in the question.
The options with letters (A-C) can be used more than once. The numbered information you must find (1-5) will be in the order that you will hear it.

۹__ Listen to a famous TV chef talking about different countries and their cuisines.
Match the statements with the correct country, A-C.
۱ They use chopsticks made of several different materials.
۲ You can find a lot of different types of regional cooking here.
۳ This place is famous for hot, peppery food.
۴ In this country people use recipes that came from different countries.
۵ This country is well known for its grilled meat.

A China
B Japan
C Korea


۱۰__ You are going to hear an interview with a chef about a TV programme he has made about food in china.
Choose FOUR answers from the type of food in the box and write the correct letter A-F next to questions 1-4.

Which of the foods:
۱ is often enjoyed by children?
۲ can be cooked in a short time by the dinner guests?
۳ needs expertise to make?
۴ can be adapted to your tastes?

دانلود پاسخ سوالات قسمت چهارم آموزش لیسنینگ

لطفا حق کپی رایت را رعایت کرده و پاسخ سوالات را تنها جهت استفاده شخصی‌تان دانلود کنید و آن را به اشتراک نگذارید. شما میتوانید صفحه آموزش لیسنینگ را به دوستانتان معرفی کنید تا آنها مستقیما از مطالب بهره مند شوند.

برگرفته از کتاب : Mindset for IELTS – Student’s Book 1
امیدواریم قسمت چهارم آموزش رایگان لیسنینگ برای کاربران آیلتسی مفید واقع شده باشد. در این قسمت با نحوه شناسایی مترادف‌ها و پارافریزها در سوالات تطبیقی لیسنینگ آشنا شدید و نحوه پاسخ‌گویی به سوالات طبقه بندی شده را تمرین کردید. منتظر بخش های بعدی آموزش لیسنینگ باشید.

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